Rentals and Tax-Free Leases

Celebrating 60 Years

For 62 years Europe By Car has offered tax-free new car leases and car rentals throughout Europe. We are a family business, started in 1954, doing what we love, and still taking your calls from our New York city office. You can also book your lease, or rental order, on-line, here on our website. In either case, it is always our pleasure to be of service.

Rent A Car for Less Than 17 Days Need a Car For Longer Than 17 Days?
Rentals available to you all throughout
Europe, even Eastern Europe
Travel Europe hassle-free with our
all-inclusive tax-free leases

I'm Alex Roy, now President of Europe By Car, and I grew up at EBC. My father imported the first Renault Dauphine to the United States, invented the Lease/Buy-Back Program, and insisted every call be answered by an experienced agent. Sixty years after our first phone call, Europe By Car remains an industry leader, offering both CAR RENTALS – with the broadest possible range of cars, options and locations, and TAX-FREE NEW CAR BUY-BACK/LEASES from Citroen EuroPass & Renault Eurodrive. Citroen's beloved range has returned, and we offer all the Renault vehicles available on their Eurodrive plan.

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