Traveling for 17+ days or need a one-way rental?

Then travel Europe hassle-free with one of our all inclusive tax-free buy-back leases!
You could be saving money.




You will not only drive the exact car model you have reserved, brand new but also:

  • Collision and theft insurance included with no deductible
  • 24/7 multilingual roadside assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • No age restriction (minimum age 18 years no max)
  • No charge for additional drivers
  • No road taxes
  • No airport surcharge
  • No travel restriction within more than 40 countries

If you want to learn more about the program, please check our FAQ page or call us directly.



You can use our online leasing engine to browse car quotes and availability for the Citroen EuroPass and  Renault Eurodrive Buy-Back/Lease Programs, as well as submit quote requests to speed up your order process!

If your pick up date is in less than 30 days and you need assistance, please call us directly at 800-223-1516.